Over a year into the pandemic, millions of people are still working from home.  The “work from home” movement doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either, even though vaccines are being distributed in football stadiums and in other mass sites.  Working from home has a lot of perks, like spending more time with family and looking at that morning commute in your rearview mirror. But it also comes with plenty of challenges. One of the biggest challenges, when you work from home, is finding a quiet, comfortable place away from distractions. 

The good news is that with Spring upon us and good weather in the forecast, you now have more options to create comfortable work from home spaces OUTSIDE! 

Yes, you don’t have to be cooped up in your house anymore.

With the right outdoor setup, you can create a quiet space outside of your home — but not away from home. Win-win!

Even if you have a nice office inside, shaking things up and working outside can do wonders for your mood and productivity. Fresh air and a little sunshine has shown to be an instant mood booster and great for your health in a variety of studies. Plus, our homes are full of the distractions of daily life, from all the fun to be had with kids and pets to tending to that pile of dishes in the sink. 

And let’s not forget about snacks… that magnetic pull toward the pantry is strong! 

Setting up your outdoor work space can be as easy as pulling up a comfortable chair to an outdoor table or as substantial as converting a shed into a backyard office. In either case, there are a few steps to take and ideas to consider. 

Create a comfortable space to work from home, outside!

When setting up your outside workspace, consider what kind of work you will be doing. Since most of us work on laptops these days, an outdoor dining set with a solid table and sturdy chair is essential. If your work requires mostly reviewing documents or making phone calls, a comfortable Adirondack chair or terrace seating may be perfect options to sit back, relax, and work! 

Collect everything you will need to work from home

Running in and out of the house as you need various supplies will disrupt your momentum and can be just plain annoying! Skip the hassle and use a basket or tote bag to gather everything you need to work from home outside. Start with the essentials, like your laptop, phone, pens, notebook, chargers, and extension cords. Then add items that will help keep you comfortable: sunblock, a wide-brimmed hat, water bottle, and, of course, a snack. 

Wow, I really love snacks.

Convert a storage shed into your backyard office

If your work from home situation is more permanent, consider converting a shed into your personal backyard office. Sheds typically bring to mind a dark space that smells like grass clippings, gas for your mower, and various yard tools, ancient and new. But this doesn’t have to be the case! There are many different uses for a shed: holiday storage, a special space for mom, and now your new home office. 

A shed is the perfect solution to many work from home problems. It gets you out of the house and away from distractions and protects you and your office supplies from the weather. Plus, you won’t have to set up shop everytime you decide to work outside — you can keep notebooks, pens, calendars, some bottles of water, and even snacks in your shed-turned-backyard-office. Just haul out your laptop, phone, a hot cup of coffee and you’re ready to go. 

Whether you decide to dip your toe into working outside with comfortable patio furniture or are ready to jump all-in with a backyard office shed, we can help. Take a look through our catalog of weather-resistant poly furniture, our growing shed collection, or schedule a free Yard Evaluation by clicking here or calling (254) 537-1014.

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