If you’ve ever taken twin toddlers to the zoo (or any child), you know the look of awe on their faces when they see the animals – especially large animals.  They’re amazed.  Mesmerized.  They can’t get enough…that is until they see the next animal and they’re in shock all over again. Horses are those animals that keep people in awe.  They’re smart and (usually) gentle.  They make great companions and teach kids a lot of responsibility.  But they need a horse barn to be safe.

If you keep horses on your property – which is a great way to avoid boarding fees – providing safe shelter is a necessity. Horses are amazing creatures but they are sensitive and require lots of care. When deciding on what type of shelter to provide your horse, there are two main types to consider: a walk-in shelter or a horse barn. 

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A walk-in shelter is just what it sounds like, a simple structure that allows the horse to come and go as they please to escape bad weather like harsh winds or strong sun. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution but if you have multiple horses or live in a climate with wide ranging seasons then you will want to build a horse barn.

A horse barn offers many advantages for both your horses and yourself. It provides excellent shelter from the weather, can be used to separate horses, provides a safe space for horse care and foaling, and protects all of your supplies. 

Here’s why you need a horse barn:


A horse barn provides excellent protection from the elements and has the added benefit of controlling the whereabouts of your horses. While horses are outdoor animals and do well in all sorts of different weather, they do require shelter from extreme conditions like ice storms, strong winds, and very hot sun. Most often your horse will seek shelter from these conditions but every so often you may have a wanderer. A horse may think she’s okay out in a blizzard but you know that keeping her inside the barn is certainly the safest place for her. 

If you have multiple horses, a horse barn with stalls also creates separate safe spaces for each horse, which can ease anxiety caused by hierarchy within groups of horses.

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Separating Sick Horses or Foaling Mares

A horse barn with separate stalls also creates safe spaces for sick horses or foaling mares. If a horse becomes ill and weak, it may be recommended to keep that horse away from other horses until it recovers. This is typically more to protect that horse from further injury, but in some cases, it’s important to prevent the spread of sickness to other horses or any livestock. 

If you are breeding horses, then you certainly need a safe place for mares to labor and birth their foals. An extra wide stall in a horse barn will provide enough space for a mare and her new foal, and protect them from harsh weather and other horses. 

Protect Your Horse Supplies

Horses require a lot of care and therefore they require a lot of supplies. A well-designed horse barn with storage built right in will keep all of your feed stores, grooming equipment, riding and/or work gear, and tools organized and protected from the elements — and from the horses themselves! You will want all of your most used tools and equipment easily accessible right in your horse barn, while seasonal equipment can be stored in the back or high up in your barn. 

Keeping horses, whether as a hobby or on a ranch, requires extra attention but fortunately, building your horse barn doesn’t have to be complicated. There are pre-built options to choose from that are ready to use once delivered to your property. When selecting your barn, keep the number of horses you currently have plus any expansion plans in mind. Also, be sure that the horse barn is built with quality wood, like Cypress, which is naturally weather and bug resistant. 

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