This Texas heat is NO JOKE!  We all know it’s hot outside – I mean, it is summer.  But, I think we all underestimate how hot it really is.  With the real-feel getting in the triple digits, we all need to do our best to stay hydrated and to stay cool.

One of our best-selling summer products is the carport.  Carports might seems unnecessary, but they are not.  They really protect your car from the blazing sun.  Not only can the paint get damaged, but the leather seats can be unbearable to sit on and the dash can crack too.

I wanted to do a little experiment to see how hot a car really gets without any protection.  Each day when I drive into Farm + Yard in Robinson, TX, I park under one of our carports on display.  #PerksOfTheJob  Yes, I walk around all day and I know it’s hot, but when it’s time to go, I don’t realize that my truck has been exposed to the elements all day.  Why?  I’ve been spoiled by having my car protected all day long in a carport.

Experiment time!

In this video, I demonstrate just how hot an unprotected car really gets.  What is your hypothesis?  (My 7th-grade science teacher would be so proud of me right now!)

WOW!  Can you believe that?  The simple question was how hot is your car and the answer is that the thermometer couldn’t even register the heat.  THAT IS HOT!

What kind of carports does Farm + Yard carry?

Farm + Yard carries Eagle Carports, which come in multiple styles and sizes.  These carports are built to protect your big-ticket items from the harsh Texas elements: car, boat, truck, etc.  Check out our FAQ page on the main website.

Want someone to come to check out your property?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what will fit perfectly on your property.  We offer a FREE yard evaluation so you can be sure you have the perfect spot for your new carport.

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