Raise your hand if you got a new tool (of any kind!) for Christmas?!

Me too.

As homeowners, we are constantly adding to our collection of tools – yard equipment, holiday decorations, high school yearbooks, and other important items that don’t need to be in our homes all the time.  But we still want to know where everything is, right!

No matter what you have, you need to keep it organized, safe, and accessible.

Staying organized is so important.  When you need something, you need to know exactly where to find it.  Organization helps you complete projects faster and helps you know what you need before you make the trip to the hardware store.

Your things are important, and they deserve to be treated well.  By storing everything properly in your backyard shed, you’ll know that everything is within arms reach but tucked away while you don’t need to use it today. 

It’s like your home is getting cleaner and more organized right now!.

Keep your New Year’s Resolution: get organized in the New Year with storage sheds:


1. Take Inventory

Before you start organizing, you have to know what you’re working with.  What do you have?  What do you have multiples of?  Do you already have shelving units, bins, a label maker, and plastic tubs with lids? 

Go through your home and grab all the things you aren’t using and put them to use in the shed.  Donate what you don’t need from your home and make everything easy to see and organized in the storage shed.

2. Embrace The Label Maker

You use your label maker, right?  You properly label all of those plastic storage bins with sizes of kids clothes and favorite Christmas decoration.  You can glance up and down a wall and know where your first baseball glove lives.  Right?  Right! 

I didn’t think so.

Label makers are much more useful than you think – not only will you be able to find that baseball glove at any time, you’ll feel more excited about pulling it out to reflect on memories and stare in awe about how much bigger your hand is from when you were 5. 

(Glory days are not included.)

Seriously though, labels make everything better.

Pro tip: don’t want to spend money on a label maker  A permanent marker and colored masking tape will do the trick!  Plus, the tape pulls off much easier than a label.  Watch out though Lefties South Paws, permanent marker will smear on tape.

3.  Use Your Space Well

Your home only has so much square footage, so you have to make the most of your storage shed.  After you declutter, you’ll need a place to put everything logically. 

Find a place for everything by using wall shelves, storage bins, and mason jars. Use dead-space (I’m looking at you, walls!) to hang gardening tools and bicycles and ladders.  Everything can fit – you just have to be creative with your space.

If you want to get super organized, have a shed for one specific purpose, like a gardening shed or a SHEdquarters for Mom.

4.  Use Pegboards

Pegboards, huh?  I bet you haven’t thought about pegboards.  Is it because they are so ugly?  I thought so too.  Give your kids a the project of painting the pegboards a fun and bright color and then hang them up.  Once they are hung (please use adult supervision – our lawyer makes us say these things!)

You can store garden tools, craft supplies, shelves, BBQing tools, paint brushes, and just about anything else you can think of.  Pegboards are inexpensive and wildly useful.

Once you’re finished making your storage shed the Pinterest-worthy zone for organization, look around.  What extra space to do you have? 

Extend your New Year’s Resolution beyond organization – if you can’t picture where something is going to go in your storage shed, think twice before purchasing.  You might not need it after all.

Happy New Year.  Cheers to getting organized in the New Year with storage sheds and to shattering your resolutions!