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Built from the ground up with safety in mind

The Leaders in Trampoline Safety

In the market for a new trampoline? This is an important decision and we want to make sure you buy the trampoline that’s right for you. We’re here to help you choose the best trampoline for your family. Springfree spent 15 years researching, developing, and testing all the components to make one for you. And they continue to research to ensure you have a trampoline that offers great memories while being safe. 

No Dangerous Springs
No Hard Surfaces
Soft Mat Edges
Flexible Safety Enclosure
100% Performance Rating

Traditional Trampoline

Springfree Really Means No Springs

The unique and patented composite rods, used instead of springs, lie beneath the trampoline jumping surface out of harm’s way, providing peace of mind that your children are safe.

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Engineered for Safety. Engineered for Fun.


Frame out of Harm’s Way

The frame is situated beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way. No matter how hard the jumper may land or fall, they will never land on the frame of a Springfree® Trampoline, eliminating one of the biggest causes of trampoline injuries.


SoftEdge™ Mat

The SoftEdge™ mat eliminates hard edges at the jumping surface.

  • Provides a soft and absorbed landing
  • 30x more shock absorbent than pads
  • Tested to 3mil jumps

FlexiNet® and Enclosure Rods

The FlexiNet and Enclosure Rods guide the jumper back to safety. The fine weave is designed to be resistant to tearing.

  • A safe enclosure for play
  • No metal poles to cause injury
  • Ultra fine weave ensures no injury