4 X 9 Mini-Phoenix Chicken Coop

4 X 9 Mini-Phoenix Chicken Coop

The Mini-Phoenix is a perfect starter coop if you’re looking to dip your toes into homesteading and raising a few chickens for fresh eggs, or having them as pets.

It houses up to 6 chickens and has easy access to the nesting boxes from outside the coop. The attached run and wheel kit allows you to move the coop around your yard, giving the chickens fresh ground to peck at while keeping them safe.

The glass board floor makes cleanup easy, and the ventilation door keeps air flowing through the coop on warm summer nights, ensuring your chickens stay safe and cool.

This coop is in stock and available for pickup with a full-size pickup truck or a small trailer. Delivery is available for an additional fee. The overall size is 4′ x 9′.

Price : $2,598 + tax

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  • White Siding
  • Driftwood Urethane Trim
  • Galvalume Metal Roof 

Standard Features:

  • 50 yr. rot and bug resistant LP Smartside Siding and Trim 
  • 40 yr. metal roof
  • ventilation door 
  • 4 nesting boxes with exterior access 
  • attached run with door
  • roosting rod 
  • clean-out door 
  • glass board floor for easy cleanup
  • chicken door
  • solid wood framing
  • Gable end vents 
  • 1 yr. top to bottom manufacture warranty

Included Upgrades:

  • wheel kit

Building #48MP475