Oh hey, daylight savings.  I’m still mad at you for stealing my hour of sleep and making me tired for a whole week.  But, I’m not that mad because I love how light it is in the evening + the warmer weather. 

Spending time outside is what Springtime is all about.  It’s about reconnecting with your hibernating friends and family and watching the newness bloom all around you.

There are so many great ways to take advantage of your outdoor patio. 

Here are 4 ways to spend more time on your patio:


1.  Drink your coffee outside

This is the simplest and dreamiest option of them all.  Starting your day outside, breathing in the crisp, morning air is just the perfect way to begin your day.  I promise that if you take a few minutes to stand outside and take it all in that you’ll feel less stress during the day.

2.  Entertain

With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to have friends and family over for BBQs and dinner parties. 

If you start a weekly supper club, please invite my wife and me.  We like roast chicken.  #Yum

3.  Spend time alone

Adults, especially parents, hardly ever get time to themselves.  Your patio is a great place to read, meditate, journal, and daydream.  Use your alone time to get inspired, to calm your thoughts, and think about your goals.  Plus, knowing that you have a creative space so nearby might be the push you need to start working on that passion project you’ve been putting off.

4.  Host parties

Graduation season is coming up; seriously, it’s just a couple months away.  Fourth of July is right after that.  Hosting parties is a great way to see everyone you love and to have a relaxing, intimate evening. 

The good news is you just need a few key pieces to create a functional, comfortable, and cozy outdoor area.  Consider starting with a table and chair set and expand from there.  Maybe you can add a firepit in a couple months, but the first thing you’ll need is a place to sit. 

ProTip: don’t sit in the firepit.  #dangerous

We have partnered with Berlin Gardens to bring you only the highest quality materials (made from 95% recycled content) for your new furniture.  Teams of Amish craftsmen use old-world skills with modern technology to create well-built and classically stylish furniture that you can be proud to use in your backyard.  Plus, their products last forever. 


Seriously.  Don’t believe me?  Well, all of these poly products come with a 20-year warranty, so that’s a good sign. 

What furniture will fit in your backyard?

Sometimes it’s hard to picture what will fit in your space.  That’s exactly why we offer a FREE yard evaluation.  Our capable and experienced team can help you choose the best furniture for your yard and budget.

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