I don’t know about you, but I think the house with the biggest playset invites the most friends and neighbors to come over and spend time with you and your family.  Kids love having new things to do, and going outside to play is 10x better than downloading a new app.  Not only are they getting that extra dose of Vitamin D, moving their bodies, and making friends, they are using their imagination to come up with new playground games.

Here are 4 playset games that are more fun than tag:

1.  Create an obstacle course

Develop a game, like American Ninja Warrior, where the kids have to go through a complete course and other kids record their time.  Not only will this help them stay in shape, but they’ll be constantly improving themselves and thinking of new obstacles to overcome.

2.  Animal play

Kids love animals – I mean, that was one of the first things we learned about when we were little.  Have each child choose their favorite animal to imitate and use the swingset as if they were that animal. 

Pro Tip: water animals might stay on the ground and land animals might stay on the swingset.  Or, you could switch it around!

3.  Build a fort

Forts are a creative haven and the epitome of all of the playground games.  Forts make imaginations go crazy with ideas about games to play, ways to build, and design options. The best part is that everyone gets to be involved.  Forts can be as simple as a reading nook or as complex as a headquarters when you’re saving the backyard from a pirate attack.

Don’t forget, every fort needs a flag!

4.  I spy

We all know the “I spy with my little eye” game, but don’t take this game for granted, especially if you have toddlers who are learning colors, shapes, sizes, locations, etc.  This is a great game to increase vocabulary, interact with your child, and have fun as a family.

Encourage your kids to get outside and use that playset.  These games are sure to bring their imagination out, entice the neighborhood kids to come over, and will surely wear them out so bedtime goes more smoothly. 

Farm + Yard has multiple playset options.  I encourage you to come in and check them out.  The kids can plan on them and you can see exactly what you’re getting.

Will a playset fit in your yard?

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