I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s freaking hot outside.  I’m serious – H.O.T.  This Texas heat is ruthless, and I don’t see this temperature ending for another month or more.

After the experiment I did to measure the temperature of my car, I’ve been staying out of direct sunlight, and I’ve been keeping my truck safe under a carport too.  It’s the best thing you can do to take care of one of the biggest purchases you’ll make.

That got me thinking: how are animals staying cool in this Texas heat?  I love horses, and I hate seeing them outside standing in the sun with no opportunity to cool off.

Here are 5 ways to keep your horses cool in the summer:

1.  Take them to the barber

Ok, maybe it’s too much of a hassle to pack up the horse and bring it to the barber, but you can give your long-haired horse a trim. Clipping is vital for horses with Cushing’s Disease, and yes, some coats can protect your animal from the sun, but there’s a point where insulation becomes too much.  You want to make sure horses can cool down.

2.  Turn on the fan

Raise your hand if you sleep with the fan on.  Me too!  Horses love fans too.  They keep the air moving and provide a breeze.  Just make sure these smart animals can’t reach the cords!

3.  Offer shade

Horse barns are designed specifically with your animal in mind.  At Farm + Yard, we offer locally-built horse barns to keep your horses safe and comfortable. 

Built from locally sourced Cypress board and batten siding, each barn is naturally bug and weather resistant!  BONUS!

4.  Have fresh water nearby

Fresh, cold water (and an electrolyte source!) keeps your horse’s body in balance.  The horse knows what it needs to keep going, so make sure that you provide everything and it’ll drink when it’s ready.

5.  Relax a bit

I know that all of this sunshine means longer days and the opportunity for more to be accomplished, but working so hard in the heat can be hard on animals too.  If working in the heat is a must, ease up on the duties or work in short spurts. Your body will appreciate this too!

No doubt, the best thing you can do is provide your horse with a barn.  It’s safe, homey, and you have the greatest opportunity to keep your animal healthy. 

Check out our horse barn FAQ page.

Will a horse barn fit in your yard?

Sometimes it’s hard to know which horse barn will fit where.  Our complimentary yard evaluation is the solution to make sure your yard can accommodate what you want.  We can help you decide on the perfect spot and size for your new horse barn.  Click here to schedule a free Yard Evaluation or contact us by phone: (254) 537-1014.

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